6 Subtle Signs You Are Being Emotionally Abused

When it is not physical, abuse is not easy to identify. We tend to overlook some of the signs, especially if we care for the other person. Here are 6 signs that you are in an psychologically abusive relationship.

1. They make fun of your goals

It’s a courageous thing to share your dreams and hopes with another person. If they mock or trivialize them, making you feel naive or childish, this can produce psychological damage.

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2. They are not proud of your achievements

If you can barely wait to share the good news with this person, only to get no support or praise whatsoever, you should reconsider your involvement in the relationship.

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3. They will undermine you every chance they get

If they ridicule you, criticize you for no good reason, always making fun of you, this is abusive behavior. Don’t internalize this mockery and don’t let them ruin your self-esteem.

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4. They show you no affection

Every relationship has its ups and downs when it comes to expressing affection. But if your partner almost never manifests any affection towards you, there is something wrong with the relationship.

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5. They always blame you

Abusers always shake off all form of responsibility and try to deflect blame. If no matter what went wrong, they make you feel that it’s your fault, this is a form of bullying.

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6. They make you walk on eggshells

If you always have to be careful around them, fearing that you will say or do something that will trigger their bad mood, if you feel obliged to make compromises that you are not comfortable with just to have peace, your relationship is not healthy.

Be aware of these signs and don’t allow the abuse to continue. You deserve to be cared for and respected. Please share this!