4 Ways To Calm Down When You Don’t Like To Meditate

When it comes to being anxious or just having an awful day, it may be difficult to calm your mind. Meditation seems to be a very common answer. But what if you want to calm down without resorting to meditation? Is there any another way?

Let’s say you are not the meditating kind of person. Are there other solutions that can help you calm down and put the exhaustion of the day behind you? Here are some short term solutions to get you out of anxious state of mind.

1. Engage in a complex activity

The problem with anxiety and exhaustion is that the more you want to overcome them, the more your mind will go into overdrive. Therefore you will become even more anxious and tired. That’s why engaging in a complex activity, that’s not so difficult as to frustrate you, will make you focus on one thing only and therefore calm you down. Try drawing, sports, creative writing, or an artwork project!

2. Help someone

Focusing your attention and energy on helping someone else get something done will do wonders for you. It gets you out of your head, it gives you meaning and purpose, but you will think about something other than your own fears and insecurities.

3. Exercise and then sleep

One problem anxious and exhausted people have in common is poor sleep. Unfortunately, insomnia is there to put even more stress on an already stressed person. That’s why exercising can increase the chances of getting a good night sleep.

4. Go out with your friends

Meeting one’s friends can really help becoming less anxious. You don’t necessarily have to participate to a big social event, if that’s a trigger for your anxiety. All you need to do is call a friend or two and meet for a drink and a good talk.

Remember these simple solutions when you want to calm your mind. Please, share this!