10 Celebrities Who Chose Solitude Over Limelight

One can be simultaneously world famous and a loner. There are quite a few celebrities who shunned the limelight and enjoyed solitude.

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1. Greta Garbo

One of the most notable figures of the Golden Age of Hollywood, Garbo left the movie industry in 1941, after 28 movies, and lived a solitary life in New York. She always used to turn down interviews, dodge the paparazzi or refuse to attend awards shows.

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2. J.D Salinger

Maybe the most read author in American literature with his ‘Cather in the rye’ best-selling novel, Salinger chose to stay away from the public eye, settling in the small town of Cornish, New Hampshire, where locals respected his privacy and didn’t disclose his whereabouts to the reporters. The author also refused to talk to reporters all his life.

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3. Stanley Kubrick

His singular movie-making style recommended him as an eccentric and recluse director with movies like ‘The clockwork orange’, ‘The shinning’ or ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’. He settled in England in 1962.

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4. Syd Barret

The musician is regarded to be the hermit of rock music, breaking contact for good even with his former bandmates. He was one of the founders and leaders of ‘Pink Floyd’ but left the band after the first two albums. Retiring to a solitary existence, mental illness and the aftermath of a long use of LSD, no one actually tracked him down.

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5. Howard Hughes

The Leonardo Di Caprio movie, ‘The Aviator’, allowed us to take a sneak peek into the curious life of Howard Hughes, strewn with outbursts born from his OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). Aviator, movie producer,  film director and at one point in time, the richest man on the planet, Hughes retired to a life of seclusion, living in his Las Vegas hotels and other cities.

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