5 Dating Rules That You Should Forget About

The times are changing and so are the dating rules. Which can be a good thing, but also a bit confusing for everyone involved. The rules that our parents obey when they found each other no longer apply. It’s time to play by your own rules. But first of all, you should dismiss some dating rules that are more harmful than useful.

1. You have to wait 3 days until you call

No, you don’t have to wait a certain number of days to contact the person that you hope to date. The idea behind this rule is that you will seem desperate if you are too eager. How is the eagerness to meet and get to know another person a bad thing?

2. The man should always pay

Women were taught that men show their affection by taking care of them. Men were taught that they need to impress women by paying for everything. Without going into details, let’s just say this is how gender inequality is fostered. While going on a date, women shouldn’t hesitate to pay their share of the bill and men should not feel emasculated if the woman is the one paying for the whole thing.

3. A date is a date only if it’s only the two of you

You can get to know the other person and have fun doing it not only if you comply to the strict rule of “ a movie and dinner” kind of interaction. Meeting someone you are interested in while being in a group can be more relaxing. It’s an easier way to spend time together without too many expectations and nerves.

4. If you have sex during the first date, you’ll never see that person again

While waiting to have sex until it feels right for both of you is a great idea, it’s not the only possible path. People have sexual encounters that can lead to long and healthy relationships. If you think about it, the underlying assumption behind the rule that you shouldn’t jump into bed too soon is that sex is a dirty thing, reserved only for those we don’t really care about. Or that we don’t consider to be ‘partner material”. But that’s just an outdated and toxic myth about human sexuality and its expression.

5. You should treat the date as an interview

No, you should not. You are not looking for a job; you are looking for a partner. Or maybe just someone with whom to spend some pleasant hours. Therefore, you shouldn’t go out of your way to impress the other person, to brag about your achievements and financial success or put on your most expensive dress. Remember that you’re there to make a human connection and maybe to start a new chapter of your life. Please, share this!