5 False Ideas About Mentally Strong People

We all aspire to become mentally strong. But a mentally strong person is not a superhero. They are not above pain and failure. They just react differently to complicated situations. Here are the most common misconceptions about mental strength.


1. Mentally strong people are always positive

We imagine these people as being happy all the time. But pain and disappointment find their ways into their lives as well. The only difference is that these people chose to see the value in these dark experiences, to learn from their mistakes and move on. The optimism they exhibit is the result of their belief that we could never know what tomorrow will bring, so we’d better hope for the best.

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2. Mentally strong people never give up

We imagine these people as machines that never stop working until the job is done. While they may be more perseverant than others, they also know when it’s time to let go of something. They know how to recognize those situations where there’s nothing one can do to improve them, they accept them as they are and move on.

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3. Mentally strong people can do everything

Nope. Nobody can do everything. These people know the importance of knowing one’s limits. They do try to push them, but when it becomes obvious they won’t budge, they just accept it. They know that they are not perfect and don’t feel the need to pretend that they are.

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4. Mentally strong people say yes to everything

These people may be open minded and courageous, but that doesn’t mean they are afraid of saying no. They are not concerned about pleasing everybody, so when somebody is crossing an important boundary, they will stand up and speak up.

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5. Mentally strong people are emotionless

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Because they are usually so calm and serene, they may seem devoid of emotions. Well, they are not. They just handle them better. They accept their emotions, don’t suppress them and cherish them as being an essential part of themselves.

Now that we’ve put these misconceptions behind, we hope that you see yourself as the strong person that you really are. Please, share this!