5 Reasons Why Living In The Countryside Is The Best

I’ve been living in a big city for a long time now and I consider myself an urban person. But I’ve spent my childhood in a very small town, which was different from the country side only due to an administrative whim. So when the big city becomes too much for me, when the traffic jams and the noise are getting on my last nerves, I dream of moving to the countryside.


Whenever I catch myself dreaming of a small house in the countryside, I consider the arguments for such a great change in my life. Here are some of them:

1. I would have some peace and quiet

Even though I used to wish to live in a city that never sleeps, now I dream of sleeping somewhere you can hear the crickets and the birds, not the cars and the next door neighbors fighting. I feel I am one air conditioning drop on a metallic roof away from packing my bags.

2. I could go for a walk and really see some landscapes

In the city, nature has been reduced to some withered trees on the side of the road. If there were fertile fields and rich forests around, I could sooth my nerves and breathe some fresh air. I want to see more butterflies and squirrels and less rats running through the piles of garbage.

3. I could enjoy some open space

What a wonderful feeling would be to open the window and not see concrete blocks of flats blocking my view. To be able to play games in the courtyard or watch a proper sunset.

4. I could have a garden

I am not so optimistic as to think that I could grow my own food. But at least I can see myself tending to a small garden where I can grow flowers.

5. I could stop running from one thing to another

A poet once said that eternity is born at the countryside. I don’t know if I could handle eternity, but I surely would like to see the time slowing down, to not be always in a hurry. To stop running to catch the bus or to get to the other side of the crosswalk and to just enjoy the giant playground around me.

I know living in the countryside is not as simple and spectacular as I imagined it, but still…

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