5 Signs That You Aren’t Lazy, You’re a Genius

If you’ve been procrastinating stuff lately and think you’ve become rather lazy, especially when it comes to work, think again. You may actually be extremely clever instead!

Sometimes it’s good to take a day off and do absolutely nothing. And if you’ve had more of those days lately, then this is for you.

So what are the things that give away that we’ve been a genius all this time without knowing it? Well, there are a few signs that connect laziness with being highly intelligent.

1. Talking to yourself.

Studies show that sharing a thought or two with yourself, out loud, can improve your thinking process. This helps put things into perspective and organize your plans and thoughts more easily.

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2. You have very few friends.

Interacting with many people, especially with many people at once, can drain you from vital energy. Those with fewer friends can direct that energy towards achieving their goals and optimizing their thought processes. And this equals more success.

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3. You always take your time with everything.

Having a slower rhythm than your peers doesn’t make you the snail of the group. Instead, it shows you just prefer to take your time with things and avoid multitasking. You just want to perform the tasks to the best of your ability.

4. Messiness.

This implies you will not always take the clean way out. Being a bit messy and disorganized is often associated not only with intelligence, but also creativity. So keep being a genius!

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5. Taking naps.

Being smart implies that you know you need to rest in order for your brain to function properly. So napping every once in a while doesn’t make you lazy. You’re just giving your awesome brain the break it deserves.

There you have it! Pass this on to all the lazy geniuses out there!