This Is Why Men Almost Always Come Back

There isn’t one single woman on this planet that hasn’t been through this with an ex. You’ve been in a relationship and next thing you know he breaks up with you. And then once you’ve cried them out and are finally ready to move on, they crawl right back.

They just realize what they’ve lost and so they pop up again in your life, asking for forgiveness, asking to take them back.

Been there, done that. Sometimes, we let them back in just to realize we never actually loved them in the first place. And at times, it works out. Either way, here are 6 reasons why men almost always come back.

1. He doesn’t want to start over.

The thought of starting over new with someone else scares them. Because they don’t know what to expect exactly, they would rather go back to what they know.

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2. He has standards now.

Chances are you’ve raised the bar pretty high for them. Once they’ve had a few other girlfriends, they realize they didn’t have what they lost in you. It’s only natural that they will compare other women with their ex (you).

3. He’s changed.

Some actually change and are ready to commit themselves and take responsibility for the mistakes they’ve made in the relationship. Once he’s faced the reality of living without you, they realize they must change in order to have you back.

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4. Sex.

That is all. If the physical relationship was good, then there’s no reason for him not to want to return.

5. He hasn’t found what he was looking for.

A few more failed relationships or flings and he realizes that none of them can take your place, simply because they’re not you. In other words, he now knows that the grass isn’t greener on the other side.

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6. He knows you’ll let him back in your life.

You tell yourself you’re absolutely done with him because he’s hurt so much, but what happens when he calls you all of a sudden? He starts reappearing into your life, texting, sending you gifts maybe. Sometimes, he just knows that you’ll have him back in a flash if he asks nicely.

But don’t let yourself be fooled. Take your time to see if he’s really changed and if it’s worth it giving it another go.

They do damage, leave and then…reappear! Send us your thoughts!