There Are 7 Stages Of Love. Which One Are You At?

As the song goes, love is all around us. We’re in love for the most part of our lives and yet we don’t often stop to consider what this means. Or to realize that there is actually a ladder of love.

The truth is genuine love takes time to develop, flourish and deepen. Much like with anything else worthwhile in our lives. If you were in love at least once in your life, you will surely recognize these stages. These 7 steps are meant to increase intimacy and connection between the partners so never take them for granted. Without further adieu, here they are:

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Stage 1 – Crush

This marks the beginning of something that might or might not lead to a relationship. Crushes are all cute and sweet and make you feel warm inside. So if you’re attracted to someone but haven’t spoken a word on it yet, this is where you’re at.

Stage 2 – First contact

Once you carefully planned everything in advance, you decide it’s time to let them know. You feel nervous and awkward, but you know that in the end it pays off. Even if they’re not interested, at least you got it off your chest. Of course, you try to make a good first impression. Because at this point, all you want is for them to like you back.

This is quite an interesting and even exciting phase because we never know where it might lead.

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Stage 3 – Getting to know each other

Turns out the attraction is mutual so during this phase, you will keep on dating and getting to know each other. This implies all those cute couple activities because it’s basically about having fun.

This is probably the most exciting time because you’re mad about each other and you haven’t discovered each other’s flaws just yet. There’s no arguing, just two people exploring their sexual and emotional boundaries.

Stage 4 – Expression of love

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This is the stage where both of you understand that this is something serious, that you are willing to commit to each other. You both feel deep down you are meant to be together and the connection becomes more intense. It’s how you know the time has come for each of us to express their feelings.

Stage 5 – Planning a future together

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At this stage, everything you might plan for the future is done as a couple. There’s no longer a “you” and “I” but a most determined “we”. You discuss your long-term plans and compromise if necessary.

Stage 6 – Marriage/Commitment

Now that you’ve discovered and accepted one another, you are ready to move on and truly strengthen your relationship. This is a stage just as much as it is a transition to a life in two.

Stage 7 – Companionship

So you have decided to embark on the journey of life together and you are ready to weather any storms. This is indeed the stage that presents many challenges. You will continue to discover and rediscover each other and you will explore so much more.

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But this is also when most responsibilities come in and where most compromises are made. This is the perfect test for you. But chances are that you are indeed in love if you’ve come so far. All relationships face conflict at one stage or another due to their complexity.

Overcoming conflict and other possible barriers is what will cement your love. Please share this!