Why This Mom Quit Her Job To Travel The World With Her Little Girl

Evie Farrell has had an absolutely amazing experience with her 6-year-old daughter. After her best friend died of cancer at the age of only 42, Evie decided it was time for a change.

She thought that life is too short to just sit behind a desk every day and earn money. Her friend’s death was a reminder than we need to appreciate the small things in life and we should seize the moment.

So in February 2016, Evie embarked with Emily, her little gem, on the journey of her life. And what an adventure it was! Check it out!

1. Evie realized her daughter would love seeing the world and that she would thank her later!

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2. Up in the air! Instead of spending her savings on a new kitchen, Evie decided traveling would enrich their souls so much more!

3. What an outstanding experience! They’ve visited 13 countries in almost a year among which Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, UK, Thailand, France and China.

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4. Yays for swimming!

5. Awwww! Don’t they look adorable together? The experience has definitely brought them even closer!

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6. Little Emily with a baby elephant. How sweet!

7. We’ve made it! Best year ever!

What an inspiring story! Send us your thoughts!

Photo preview credit: Instagram