Why Do We Fall in Love? Here’s Everything You Wanted to Know!

Falling in love is one of the most magical experience in our lifetimes. We all crave that crazy feeling we get when we’re with our loved one. We are flooded with all sorts of feel-good chemicals that make the experience an ecstatic one. Science tells us that being in love is like being on drugs. People have been falling in love for a very very long time now. But why do we fall in love? What’s the secret behind one of the most essential experience we have as humans? Read on to find out more!

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In the field of psychology, people have asked this question for a while now. One answer that researchers came up with is that romantic love happens when a few factors come into play.

These factors have a lot to do with attraction and social factors which have to be pretty strong for love to enter our lives. Here are some factors that influence how we choose our partners:

Desirable Traits

We tend to fall in love with people that have the physical or personality traits we want.

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People usually find themselves around others like them. If you find someone with the same beliefs or lifestyle as you, then you might just be great for each other!


When someone is attracted to you, you have more chances of liking that person back.


If there is some mystery revolving around the other person and we don’t know whether they like us back or not – this could lead to excitement and passion. This is why love games and flirting are so much fun!


This comes along with all sorts of chemicals our brains release. It’s usually sparked by all of the above.

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People also seek relationships as a way to expand themselves and grow. Love is incredibly powerful and it usually helps both partners achieve their goals (personal but also professional).

What do you think of our list? How many times have you fallen in love so far? Tell us everything in the comments!

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