5 Signs He Is The One Who Got Away

You feel he is the one and only for you but he’s no longer in your life. It’s excruciatingly painful to go on with your life as if nothing happened. As if you’ve never been together having the most wonderful time.

But here’s what we can’t do: we can’t hold on to something that is in the past. It will only keep us stuck and prevent us from experiencing new adventures.

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As heartbreaking as this is, you need to first acknowledge that you’re no longer together. And then accept it. Here are 5 signs that he’s the one who got away:

1. You keep thinking about him

It’s like every little thing reminds you of him, no matter where you go or whom you’re with.

2. You mistake random strangers for him

You’re at the subway and suddenly see a guy who has the same profile and you think it’s him. Your heart races and you feel a bit sick, but then he turns around and you realize it’s not him. Although you admit to yourself, you wanted to be him.

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3. You constantly long for him

It’s a painful aching blues that keeps following you around and it feels there’s no way you can shake it off.

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4. You hold on to things that remind you of him

Because it feels like you’re saving little pieces of him and what you had.

5. If you could, you’d go back to fix things

You feel that if you had another chance, you would repair whatever went wrong.

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