5 Things You Do Once You’ve Become Comfortable In Your Relationship

Once the honey moon phase of a relationship ends, people begin doing things they wouldn’t have done when they started dating. It’s a sign that you have become comfortable with one another. That you trust each other so much that you feel there’s nothing so gross you can do that the other cannot handle. Here are some of these things people do when they have settled into a relationship.


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1. You use your partner’s toothbrush

Maybe the first time when it happened it was by accident. But now you do it regularly and you don’t even feel ashamed about it. After all, you’ve shared all kinds of bodily fluids, so what’s one more?

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2. You make a big deal out of being sick

If at the beginning of the relationship you presented yourself as a superhero that nothing can bring down, now things have changed. Whenever you are sick you whine and ask to be pampered. You need hot soup and to be tucked into bed like a child.

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3. You’ve stopped going out

You have come to realize that going out is pointless. What are you supposed to find out there when you already have everything you need next to you? And who has the energy to put on a bra?

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4. You leave the bathroom door open

You’ve promised yourself you’ll never be THAT couple, but here you are. No more privacy. Never. Ever.

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5. You can be brutally honest

If you don’t like the music they listen, you tell them. The same goes for their clothes, the way they eat or the mispronunciation of a word. Also, there’s a lot of sarcasm involved. But the best part is that nobody gets offended and you can both laugh about it.

OK, so things are not as romantic as they used to be. But they are more real. If you feel that you are free to be your weird genuine self around your partner, then you are lucky. It may be true love. Please, share this!