5 Thoughts About Turning 30 That You Really Have To Leave Behind

Becoming an adult is not the smooth ride that we thought it would be when we were kids. We really thought that an adult has everything under control and can do everything they put their mind to. That’s why, when people are about to leave their 20’s behind, they tend to get confused and insecure about their own life.


These are the most common thoughts people have when turning 30:

1. Who’s in control now?

Because the reality of our lives, no matter how good it is, cannot possibly measure up to our high standards and even higher expectations, you might feel lost. You are supposed to be an adult now and you cannot run to your parents for help. Take your time to figure out where you want to go next.

2. Should I start lying about my age now?

The cult of being young is affecting women in particular, because in their case the social pressure is greater. If you consider lying about your age, remember that it’s lying about who you are and this will take a toll on your self-esteem.

3. Is this all I’ve been able to achieve?

When you focused on what should’ve happen until now, not even your greatest accomplishments can give you the satisfaction you need. Don’t underestimate your past triumphs, since they speak volumes about your struggles and the fortitude of your character. Every victory counts, so be grateful to your past self!

4. Should I be worry that I’m still not married?

Around turning 30, your family will start pressuring into getting serious about your romantic relationship. And even if you are perfectly OK with being single or just dating someone, you will still hear the voice of your mother saying that your time will soon be up. Know that there’s no perfect time for finding the right person for you and that being anxious about it will surely not help to make the best choice.

5. Where did all my money go?

As you probably have already found out, having a job does not guarantee that you won’t have money problems. Not having all that money you hoped your hard work will bring is not a sign of you being irresponsible. It’s everybody’s problem.

So stop comparing yourself to others, don’t give in to social pressure and don’t forget that everybody’s life is as messy as yours. Share this if you think life in your 30’s is awesome!