10 Signs You Are In A Healthy Relationship With Yourself

To have self-respect does not mean to look in the mirror and see somebody who is perfect. It’s looking in the mirror and smiling. It’s looking at everything that you are, the good and the bad, and accept it. Self-respect means not wanting to be somebody else.  And when you reach a higher level of self-respect, some things are going to change in your life. For the better.

1. You are less interested in what people say and more in what they do

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This is true especially when it comes to apologies. You will be less inclined to accept a casual sorry when it’s not followed by some sign that people are willing to try changing their behavior.

2. You discover that your phone is not the boss of you

When you stop scrolling your life away everything is illuminated. That important text, email or Facebook notification can wait. Your free time cannot.

3. You realize that going out is an option, not an obligation

Deciding if and when to go out is something totally up to you. Your friends and colleagues might not understand your need to spend time alone, recharging your batteries. But you do and this is what matters the most.

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4. You keep other people’s expectations at bay

When people around you expect you to be in a certain way, to act or to accomplish some things that have nothing to do with what you want, this can become a burden too heavy to carry. But you’ve learned to shake them off and be whoever you want to be.

5. You don’t allow toxic people in your life anymore

Being always polite, pleasing others and not being able to break toxic relationships can drain your energy. When you stop doing that, you have more time to enjoy with people for whom you really care and who appreciate you.

6. You find less destructive coping mechanisms

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You may be tempted to adopt a form of over consumption when the living gets tough. But adopting healthier habits is a more sustainable way of living. When you respect your body, your body will become your buddy.

7. Your body is yours to have and to cherish

Resisting body shaming is empowering. Don’t let others make you feel ashamed of your body. Being comfortable with how you look will make you confident and therefore more attractive than any photoshopped model on the cover of a magazine.

8. You are OK with not being everybody’s cup of tea

No matter how much you try, there will always be somebody who doesn’t like you. When you try to please everybody, chances are you will end up betraying yourself.

9. You make things happen for yourself

Nobody can accomplish your dreams except yourself. Sitting quietly in the corner and hoping that somebody else will give you what you deserve can lead only to disappointment. Taking responsibility for your life changes your perspective and liberates you from self-victimization.

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10. You have the right to say no

No is an acceptable answer. Sometimes, you cannot, you won’t do something. Doing it anyway, just because you fear the reaction of others will waste your energy. And worst of all, people will get used to you always complying to their needs.

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