5 Tips On Improving Your Relationship, According To Science

There is always room for improvement in a romantic relationship. There are no perfect couples, only people who strive for perfection. Put in the time and effort to solidify your relationship. If you have no idea how, lucky for us, science is here to help.

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1. Give little bites of joy

It’s all about the small things. When we call our partner just to ask them how their day is going or when we buy their favorite cupcake from the local store for no special occasion. These tiny gestures will make their day shine, and happier days build up a strong and content relationship. Your significant other should feel each day that you are not taking him for granted.

2. Turn off your cell

According to a study published in an academic journal called Computers in Human Behavior, people who use social media a lot are not happy with their relationships. So try to spend more time with your beau instead of your phone.

3. Keep things fresh

Your long-term relationship needs new and interesting things in order to stand the test of time. Doing cool and fresh things as a couple is essential for an interesting relationship rather than one driven by monotony.

4. Have sex in different places

If you and your boo have sex under the same conditions every time, it is high time you find another place to do your business. This will release more dopamine, which will make the sexual experience more satisfying and hence strengthen your relationship.

5. Go on holiday

Studies show that planning a vacation together can have a positive impact on your relationship. That does not mean you should try and fix a flawed relationship with a holiday, only make a stable relationship feel a bit more exciting.

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