5 Tips On How To Read An Entire Book Every Week

Do you ever feel bad whenever someone tells you they read four different books in one month? One book each week, a goal that most of us carry and aspire to achieve. Reading a whole book every week is not such a difficult task if you take into consideration these simple tips.

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First of all, you have to change your mentality around reading. If you wait for that perfect peaceful setting where you can unwind with a wonderful book by your side, you’re in for a disappointment. No one ever succeeds in finishing a book every week on the assumption they find some quality time for this activity.

It is in your power to read this much, just follow the guidelines:

1. Read in the morning

You got that right! Everyone seems to enjoy reading at night, before bed, but before they realize it, they are sound asleep and with only a couple of pages completed. You will never finish a book every week by reading when you’re tired. That is why the best case scenario would be to pick up a book in the morning, before going to work. Reading gives coffee a whole other flavor.

2. Read on your way to work

You should definitely take advantage of the time you have on your hands and your travel to work is quite appropriate. Use this idle time to read, it will soon add up and you’ll realize you have already invested some hours a week to reading.

3. Read on your screen

I love the smell of print books too but let’s face it. It’s darn easier to hold your Kindle or phone while you’re waiting in a queue or for the next train to arrive. And besides, you have all your books there! If Kierkegaard seems too demanding, you can switch to Gone Girl in a second.

4. If you don’t like it, throw it away!

You must finish a book because everything needs to be completed. Well, no, that is totally wrong. Just imagine! There are billions and billions of books and beautiful words written that can make your heart skip a beat, so you really shouldn’t get stuck on something you don’t like. Leave it, you didn’t click with it. No problem. Next book, please.

5. Read several books at once

You’ll never get bored and additionally, you’ll be eager to flick through that other book in no time. That means your appetite for reading will be in full gear because of all the topics you have your head wrapped around and you will want to grab one of your books at all times. The diversity is really important, it gives your brain all the ingredients it needs to stay healthy: fiction, non-fiction and maybe a magazine or an art catalog. Basically, a book for every mood.

If you do these five things, you will definitely manage to read a book every week. Good luck!