5 Undeniable Benefits Of Sleeping Next To A Loved Person

Who can deny that sleeping next to your loved one makes a night’s sleep better? The warmth of an embrace, the quiet breathing and the soft touch make sleeping together one of the best things in life. The health benefits of sharing the bed with someone you love are far greater than those minor inconveniences some struggle with. Spending the whole night next to our person has mighty positive effects on overall health.

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Recent research shows that romantic partners who sleep in the same bed are healthier and live longer than those who spend their night alone. Moreover, one study says that women in long-term relationships fall asleep faster than the single ladies.

Take a look at 5 undeniable benefits of sleeping at the side of your love:

1. Safety

It’s undoubtable that sleeping together with your loved one makes you feel protected and secure. That feeling leads to a better quality of sleep. It’s a known fact that couples sleep more deeply when they’re sharing a bed.

2. Falling asleep faster

Sleeping in the arms of the one you love puts all your worries away and keeps you from overthinking. The feeling of security allows the brain to disconnect from all concerns, thus the chance to fall asleep quicker.

3. Beating anxiety

The sweet embrace of sleep has the power to relieve anxiety. Lying in bed with your partner releases the hormone of love, oxytocin, which is proven to relieve anxiety.

4. Making the pain go away

Scientists have discovered that sleeping next to the person you love works like a natural painkiller. Not only do stress levels decrease, but also the number of cytokines. They are responsible for feeling inflammation or pain. So next time you have a headache, instead of relying on medication, you’d better take a nap with your boo.

5. Looking younger

Having regular good sleep could make you look ten years younger. Researchers claim that cuddling on a regular basis as well as making love help the body feel younger.

These are the big five benefits of sleeping next to the person you love. Could you ask for more? Share this post with your loved ones!