5 Unforgettable Moments in Oscars History

The Oscars is the most awaited ceremony of the year for those who love movies. The awards show is always full of surprises and great moments that stay with us forever. Now that we’ve seen this year’s winners, why don’t we take a look at some of the best these awards gave us? Hollywood is somehow mixed for us outsiders with mystery and magic. What a better way to celebrate the movies and actors that inspired us and changed our lives than be a tiny part of this? Here are 5 unforgettable moments in Oscars history that you should definitely hear about!

academy awards photo
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The 2017 ceremony was an unforgettable show for African Americans in cinema, most likely a “backlash” of last year’s boycott. And let’s not forget about the outstanding success of the magical musical of our times, La La Land. Ryan Gosling may not have won the award for best actor, but hey, he was still in the spotlight. Now let’s go back in time a bit and see what moments marked this awards show.

1. 1999

In 1999, Roberto Benigni wins an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film for Life Is Beautiful (La vita è bella). And what does he do? The excitement got the best of him so much that he walks on chairs on his way to the stage. What a way to celebrate!

2. 2003

adrien brody photo
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In 2003, Adrien Brody becomes the youngest actor to ever win an Oscar at the category for Best Leading Actor. But that’s not all. He decided to kiss Halle Berry who presented the award, much to her surprise.

3. 1998

1998 was a great year for best friends Matt Damon and Ben Affleck who were an absolute joy to watch winning the award for Best Original Screenplay. Most people know them as actors, but their talent as writers of the screenplay for drama Good Will Hunting shone through.

4. 2016

leonardo dicaprio photo
Photo by Disney | ABC Television Group

2016 was the year when Leonardo DiCaprio finally got his well-deserved Oscar award for Best Actor in The Revenant. And the internet exploded! People have been waiting for this to happen for a few years in a row.

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5. 2017

Fast forward to 2017, we’re almost still not sure who exactly won the award for Best Motion Picture, which is THE award of the night. Theories about the mix-up abound on the internet. If you missed this year’s ceremony, know that somehow La La Land won, but then they didn’t. And as we watch Moonlight producers snatch the award right at the end, we wonder what went wrong. This will definitely go down in Oscars history as one of the most awkward moments on stage.

Which are your favorite Oscars moments? And what did you think about the 2017 ceremony? Tell us everything!

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