5 Warning Signs You Are Mentally And Emotionally Exhausted

We talk a lot about what stress and too much work can do to our bodies. But we talk less about what it means to be emotionally exhausted.

Our emotional well-being is as important as our physical health. Yet, we tend to ignore it. Here are 5 red flags that you really-really need a break.

1. You get angry easily

When everyone and everything sets you off, something is obviously wrong. Maybe you’ve tried to put your feelings aside for too long, maybe your environment is not a safe one. Whatever the explanation, take your mood swings seriously.

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2. You feel like time is slipping through your fingers

When you feel both tired and bored, it may be because you work too much or that your work doesn’t challenge you. Routine work can be as damaging to your mental health as working way too much or not at all.

3. You suffer from insomnia

Insomnia can really take a toll on your physical and mental health. A good night sleep is essential, since prolonged lack of sleep can reduce concentration and it brings about poor performance.

4. You don’t feel motivated


If even the simplest tasks of everyday life become a burden for you, if you run from responsibilities because you feel that you have already too much on your plate, maybe the best thing you can do is recharge your batteries for a while.

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5. You feel anxious a lot

While there’s no escaping feeling anxious from time to time, feeling that you are under a constant and indefinable threat all the time may indicate a serious illness. Don’t swipe it under the carpet by saying that you are the worrying type. Overthinking is one thing, suffering from anxiety is a whole other thing.

Take these red flags seriously and take better care of yourself! Please share this!