5 Warning Signs That You Work Too Hard

We are living in a world where most of us are stressed out of our minds. One reason for that is that we are overworked. Here are 5 warning signs that you should address your exhaustion before things get really out of hand.

1. You think everything will fall apart without you

If you are chained to your desk, if you work nights or weekends and you believe that the whole world depends on you doing your job, the breakdown is near. Hire and trust other people who could help you with your work.

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2. You have anger issues

If you find yourself yelling at your coworkers or at random people you come across, if you think that being aggressive is the only way to get things done, you might have an anger problem. Address it until it’s too late!

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3. You feel underappreciated

If you believe that nobody appreciates your hard work and everybody is taking advantage of your willing to make an extra effort, maybe a reality check is in order. If it’s really true, renegotiate your position  within the team. But if it’s only in your mind, this may be the exhaustion talking.

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4. You don’t remember the last time you went on a vacation

Taking a vacation that’s all about fun and relaxation can really charge your batteries. Your mind and body need a break from time to time and you shouldn’t ignore their cries for help.

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5. You can’t put your phone down

Being always on your phone, being always interrupted by constant demands from your coworkers can take a toll not only on your productivity, but also on your well-being. Make sure that you  set boundaries and that people respect your personal time.

Being obsessed with work is not the virtue you might think it is! Please, share this!