6 Signs You Have An Emotional Blockage That Prevents You From Being Happy

Emotional blockages are not easy to deal with. They usually form when we don’t express our emotions in healthy ways.

Whatever shape they may take, our emotions can wreak havoc on us if we don’t manage them well. Whether it’s anger, regret, passion, frustration, grief or fear, we need to find healthy ways to release them. When we don’t attend to them, we push them into our subconscious.

The key lies in dealing with them as they come along as suppression or repression can only make matters worse.

If you are dealing with emotional barriers or blockages, you may find it more difficult to unlock your potential and live a fulfilling life. Here are 6 signs you could have an emotional blockage:

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1. Constant fatigue

If you feel your energy levels are lower lately, and you find no other explanation, not dealing with your emotions could be the cause. It takes a lot of energy to keep emotions buried deep into your subconscious. Our bodies are aware of it even when our minds try to ignore what’s happening.

2. Eating and drinking more

Ever heard of the expression ‘eating our emotions away’? Well, there’s a reason for that. Many people try to mask what they’re feeling by eating more or drinking more alcohol. Emotional blockages could even lead to gastrointestinal problems as they’re usually crammed in our guts.

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3. Pretending an issue doesn’t matter

When it clearly does. Evidently, sweeping our painful emotions under the rug won’t make them magically go away. It’s crucial that you are honest with yourself, no matter how much it may hurt. Acknowledging how you truly feel is the only solution to healing.

4. You procrastinate a lot

You may have developed the tendency to put off other things, beside dealing with your emotions. If you procrastinate making important decisions, maybe it’s because you’re in the middle of an emotional storm.

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5. Your expectations are unrealistically high

Needless to say, having higher expectations could turn into a recipe for disappointment and disaster. More disappoint will inevitably lead to more negative emotions to deal with and release. It’s alright to have standards, but check if you are not setting them too high.

6. You can’t stop thinking about a past relationship

Being fixated on someone you loved who’s no longer in your life can surely keep you from exploring yourself and other relationships. If it ended suddenly, you may feel the need for a closure. Or you feel the need to express how you feel about what happened, and can’t.

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Why It’s Important To Release Blocked Emotions

Repressing our emotions for a long term can be devastating for our mental and physical health. We could develop chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, arthritis, or even cancer. As painful as some experiences may be, don’t bury what you are feeling in the present as it could be a lot worse later.

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