6 Dangerous Signs That You Are Bottling Up Your Emotions

Because we are taught that we need to educate our minds, but not our hearts, we often don’t know how to manage our emotions. So we repress them. But bottled up emotions can seriously damage our wellbeing.

When we don’t give our emotions the attention they deserve, our mind and our body suffer. Here are 6 signs that your repressed emotions want to surface, but you won’t let them.

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1. You often throw tantrums

Emotions have a will of their own and all they want is to express themselves. And if you don’t let them, they will find a way. Usually, this means that you’ll overreact to the little things. In this way, you express the emotions that you didn’t allow yourself to express concerning the important things.

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2. You feel lonely

You might have people in your life, but if you choose not to talk about your emotions with them, there’s no wonder you feel lonely. Emotions are ways to connect to the world, and if you deny them, in a way, you deny the world.

3. You suffer from anxiety

Sometimes, being anxious means that your body is trying to tell you something. Your body is feeling all the emotions that your mind tried to hide and the result can be devastating: all the emotions felt at once and you at their mercy.

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4. You have frequent headaches

Headaches, loss of memory and being easily distracted are all signs of the effort you make in order to keep your emotions bottled up.

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5. You lose and gain weight fast

Because of the stress hormone, cortisol, your body weight fluctuates easily, your appetite being massively influenced by it.

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6. You have digestive problems

Because your gut and your brain are closely linked, you might experience constipation, bloating, stomach cramps, diarrhea or a sudden allergic reaction to certain foods.

Find a non-destructive way to express your feelings, because suppressing them won’t get you far. Please share this!