6 Signs Of An Emotionally Unstable Person

Emotions are by their nature unstable: they come and go as they please. But being an emotionally unstable person can really be damaging to our well-being.

1. They cannot manage their anger

Anger is a normal thing to feel and expressing it can even be healthy. But unstable people are dominated by their anger, which in the end can ruin their relationships.

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2. They are impulsive

Unstable people never plan ahead, they don’t take into consideration the consequences of their actions and always act on their impulses. And they don’t take responsibility when things end up in misery for them or the people around them.

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3. They are drama queens

People who don’t deal with their emotions properly tend to react dis-proportionally to every situation. They always make a mountain out of a molehill. The drama they create around seems to feed them.

4.  They have insomnia

Because they cannot handle their emotions in a healthy way during the day, they have a hard time resting during the night. The stress they feel and the rumination of every single encounter they had keeps them awake. Which only makes them tired and even more stressed the next day.

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5. They lie

Because their emotional lives are chaotic, unstable people lie to themselves or to others in order to give the appearance of coherence there where there’s none.

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6. They don’t have long term relationships

Unstable people end relationships as fast and as abruptly as they start them.  They do it out of instinct, with no regard for the actual compatibility with their partners and in doing so, they usually end up hurting those who they claim they love.

Emotional instability can be a sign of a mental disorder. Don’t take it lightly! Please, share this!