6 Signs That Your Relationship Is Over

Sometimes, the only thing that keep us in a relationship is fear. Or hoping against all odds that things will get better. But sometimes, there is nothing we can do. Here are 6 signs that the relationship is really over.

1. You are the only one trying to work things out

There’s making an effort and then there’s wasting your time and energy. If your partner is not willing to work out your problems, if you feel that you’ re the only one putting in the effort, that you’re basically talking to the walls, then maybe it’s time to throw the towel.

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2. One of you or both cheated

Infidelity makes the other person feel betrayed, used and broken. There are situations when infidelity can be overcome, but this involves the cheater to regret their actions and to commit themselves to changing their ways. If nothing of the sort has happened, then there are little chances to rebuild trust.

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3. You feel that you are not respected or that you cannot respect your partner

A healthy relationship involves mutual admiration and respect. If you discover that deep down you don’t really like your partner, that it was an infatuation that has no solid foundation, there’s no future for the relationship.

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4. There’s no intimacy between you two

Be it emotional or sexual, intimacy is an essential key to a healthy relationship. If you don’t remember the last time your partner has kissed for no reason, if there has been a long time since you had sex or shared an intimate moment, the romance is gone.

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5. You fight all the time

A certain amount of conflict is normal and even healthy. But if all you do is fight, if your conflicts are turning violent, physically or verbally, if you feel you must walk on eggshells around your partner, this means that the relationship has taken a very bad turn.

6. You don’t have common goals

There are long term goals that you shouldn’t compromise about. Having children, marriage, moving to another country are the kind of things that you either agree upon or break up. Ignoring what you really want, dream about or hope for is not a long term solution.

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