5 Red Flags That You Are The Only One Caring About Your Relationship

Being in a relationship where you are the only one who cares is a form of abuse. One that you have chosen to some extent, but abuse nonetheless. Here are 5 signs that your relationship is dysfunctional.

1. You’re the only one making an effort

From cleaning the house to planning your dates, you seem to be the only one who is willing to put in the work. You often feel alone and exhausted, because your partner is not giving you the support you need.

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2. You never feel like a priority in your partner’s life

There’s always something more important than you in your partner’s life. Be it work, hobbies or friends, you feel that you always have to compete with something for your partner’s attention.

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3. There wouldn’t be any physical intimacy if you didn’t initiate it

If you are tired of being the only one initiating physical intimacy, if you are the one reaching for a kiss or proposing sex, then you probably feel frustrated. And you’re right to feel this way, since it is a form of rejection.

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4. You drop everything when your partner needs you

In your attempt to keep the relationship alive, you sacrifice your time and energy in order to make your relationship feel supported. But when you’re the one needing help, your partner doesn’t do the same for you.

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5. Your partner doesn’t care about your passions

If you want to know everything there is to know about your partner, including their hopes and dreams, their hobbies and their passions, but they are not interested in yours, you really need to question their involvement in the relationship.

You deserve somebody who care as much as you do about the relationship. Please, share this!