7 Character Traits That Everyone Admires

Some people exude power. Spiritual power. Here are 7 traits that everyone admires about them.

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1. Self Confidence

Those people who walk with their head held high, who know their value, but never brag are worthy of our admiration.

2. Creativity

What defines a creative personality is the openness to new experiences, a drive for cognitive exploration of the one’s inner and outer worlds. We probably admire creative people because when they play, they make the world a better place for all of us.

3. Compassion

Being compassionate is really an admirable quality. It involves caring about anything that lives, helping those in need and not hurting others with your words or actions.

4. Generosity

Real generosity is not only sharing your valuable objects with others. It is also about seeing the best in people, always giving the most generous interpretation to somebody else’s behavior instead of judging them.

5. Empathy

The ability to sense other people’s emotion, to see things from their perspective and to create genuine relationships with others is the gift that keeps on giving.

6. Calm

Keeping their calm when everyone around them is going crazy, being serene when things don’t go their way and inspiring others to live more harmoniously is something that we should value in other people.

7. Authenticity

Authentic people are true to themselves, they are always sincere about their intentions and they never pretend to be someone they are not.

The good news is that these traits can be trained. Please, share this!