5 Confidence Myths That Only Quiet People Will Truly Understand

It’s really hard to be heard in this loud world, especially when everyone seems so hooked on speaking up. Always louder. What about the quiet ones, the introverted, those who wish to make an impact in other ways? Our self-esteem can be easily swept away in a world so focused on talking.

The truth is confidence advice doesn’t work for everyone for the simple reason that not everyone is the same. New study in psychology even tells us that it’s usually the loudest people in the room who are the most insecure.

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Here are 5 confidence myths that only quiet can relate to:

1. Speak louder

If you want to make yourself known and heard, you need to speak up. Make a lot of noise. At least that’s what they keep telling us. But talking faster and more loudly is definitely not a great advice for those who simply don’t have that skill. You can be a person of few words but communicate a lot. So speak meaningfully. Choose your words wisely.

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2. Be busy

This ties in with the image we want to create for ourselves. Busy people are associated with success, power and confidence. But being busy means being involved in many different activities and projects with many people.

A quiet and more reserved person would much rather work on one issue and get better at it. They will do it with extra care and dedication and make sure they help someone in the process.

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3. Walk faster

Walking faster means you’re heading somewhere – towards success perhaps? Or maybe not. For some people, this is all about rushing. And when we rush things, we usually don’t get amazing results. So walking purposefully or hurrying won’t necessarily imply you’ll have a better day or better life ahead.

On the other hand, walking while being aware of every step you take could have significant health benefits for you. Don’t take them for granted.

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4. Make and hold eye contact

Whoever wins the staring contest is supposedly the most confident person who has nothing to hide. But is it? Maybe some of don’t like to play that game. Avoiding eye contact is not an option either since that would imply we feel guilty or are extremely shy.

The best advice in this direction is to do what makes you feel comfortable, whatever comes naturally.

5. Adopt power poses

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Our body language can speak volumes about us. We are advised to improve our power poses such as self-assured lean back on the chair, legs wide spread, standing with hands on hips and so on. These are meant to boost your confidence but it doesn’t work for everyone.

Again, if they don’t come naturally to you, people will see the fake in you. Besides, trying to control your body language all the time can be a quite stressful experience. Feeling comfy is probably the best way to go.

Remember that all you have to do to look confident is be yourself! Whether you are quiet or an introvert, the world needs more people like you! Please share!