This Thing Alone Will Make Anyone Fall In Love With You, According To Science

We’ve all felt the power of an intense gaze. Whenever we look into our lover’s eyes for longer than a few seconds, we suddenly feel more connected. We feel mesmerized while the attraction and passion are through the roof. What is it about a person’s eyes that makes them so alluring?

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Well, science tells us the power of eye contact is great. Staring deeply into someone’s eyes is the surest path to making them like you more or even fall for you.

Gaze into a stranger’s eyes for more than two minutes and notice how there’s suddenly a spark between you two. This action alone is enough to give birth to passionate feelings and attraction.

This could explain very well why love at first sight actually exists and how it develops between people who haven’t exchanged a word.

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When you look at someone directly in the eyes, their body will produce a chemical that can make the person fall in love. It sounds like magic, but it isn’t.

So if you want to make someone you like fall for you, look into their eyes more.

But make sure your eyes are warm and passionate.

This new research also tells us that eye contact can create more physical attraction. If you add a radiant smile to the long gaze directed at that person you like, you have the recipe for success.

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Although eye contact can be extremely powerful, it’s not always mutual. But practice can help you seduce someone you’re really attracted to.

There’s no doubt that eye contact makes our relationship richer and creates more passion.

So you now have a good reason to gaze into their eyes and ignite the spark. Please share this!