These 5 Habits Will Make You More Charming

Charm seems to be an elusive quality. But is it really? If we think about it, charming people have these 5 traits in common.

1. They know how to make people feel appreciated

Charming people are not only sociable, enjoying other people’s company, but they also know how to make them feel valued and important. They have good listening skills and this makes them likable.

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2. They often compliment others

A genuine compliment delivered at the right moment can do wonders for your likeability. Charming people know this and are always looking for things to admire about the others.

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3. They smile a lot

When someone smiles, they seem approachable and even friendly. A genuine smile or laugh can reduce stress, make you more confident and make others trust you more.

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4. They tell wonderful stories

Charming people know their audience and know what kind of stories will be the most appropriate. They have a gift for storytelling, but keep in mind that it is also a skill that can be practiced. Also, using a lot of hand gestures makes the stories even more captivating.

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5. They never engage in gossip

Gossip is an immoral thing to do and a waste of everybody’s time and charming people know this. That’s why they never talk ill about people in their absence and if they have something to criticize about them they say it to their face and without malice.

In short, charm is about making others feel comfortable and appreciated. Please, share this!