You’re Going To Get Over IT When You’re Going To Get Over It

So you’ve got hurt. From ending an important relationship in your life to losing your job or having your plans about the future blown away, failure has shown its ugly head. What are you supposed to do now?

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When we encounter failure in our lives, the hardest part is not the pain that follows. It’s making people around us understand that for a while all we are able to do is to suffer. Friends and family, trying to make us feel better, always insist that we should get over it. Which is something that we truly want to do. It’s not like we are proud of ourselves when we are still going through the photos of our happy times with our ex while listening to sad songs. But it’s what we have to do. It’s our process.

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Nobody would dare to ask a sick person on the hospital bed why does it take him so long to recover. Why is then acceptable to pressure others into moving forward from their grief, depression or disappointment?

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Why should we waste our time justifying our need for healing, to excuse ourselves that the healing process takes too long? Too long by whose criteria?

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Next time somebody tells you in righteous tone of voice that you should pull yourself together or get over whatever bothers you, fight your instinct to justify yourself. You don’t owe them any explanation. It’s your life after all. And if you feel down, frustrated or frail, just allow yourself to feel these disturbing feelings. Your healing process takes exactly the amount of time that is necessary for you.

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