7 Clues That Somebody Is Lying To You

If you are a sincere person, you may believe that everybody speaks the truth. But unfortunately, this is not the case. Here are 7 signs that, when they appear together, signal the fact that someone is lying to you.

1. They have nervous tics

A liar is often betrayed by his own tics and suspicious behavior. Scratching, blinking or fidgeting during a tense conversation can indicate that the person in front of you is hiding the truth.

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2. They don’t use certain words

According to some psychological studies, people who are lying tend to avoid certain words. They avoid first person words like I or my, in an unconscious attempt to distance themselves from the lie. Moreover, they avoid emotional words like hurt or angry.

3. They avoid eye contact

When somebody lies, they tend to look at the ground or around the room. Making eye contact is difficult for them, since this is a form of intimate communication incompatible with lying.

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4. They have a stiff face

In their attempt to hide their emotions (shame, fear of being caught) they put their poker face on.

5. They give unnecessary details

Trying to confuse you, they will give you as many details as they can think of. They believe that their stories are more believable this way or that you will get bored and drop the subject.

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6. They try to change the subject

If you become suspicious and continue to ask them question, their desperate move is to suddenly change the subject.

7. They get angry

If you insist questioning them, they will become defensive or even angry. The clue for the change in their emotions is them crossing their arms or clenching their fists.

If you have a trusting nature, it’s good to be careful and to watch out for these red flags. Please share this!