7 Easy Ways You Can Deal With The Stress In Your Life

Stress is coming to get you, science says. From physical harm to psychological negative effects, stress plays an important role in the tapestry of our modern life.

From major events such as the illness of a family member to daily events like being stuck in traffic, stress makes us do strange things. And we tend to adopt the following coping mechanisms as a response:

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  • Facing the problem head on
  • Act as if the problem doesn’t exist
  • Accept the emotional implications of the problem
  • Give the situation a new and more positive meaning

Since we cannot always eliminate the causes, we can adopt strategies that will help us fight stress.

1. Putting off doesn’t help

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Avoidance might seem appealing, but on the long term it only amplifies the problem. The longer we wait to deal with the unpleasant task, the greater the price we’ll pay.

2. Entertain yourself while you work

When your house is a mess and you have no inclination to clean it, you can listen to music. It will be a less unpleasant experience.

3. Start with the hardest part

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Once the most tedious task is done, the rest will look like piece of cake.

4. Reinterpret your task

If you can find a positive meaning to your task, it can help you be more focused.

5. Cooperation is important

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There’s no shame in asking for help when you feel overwhelmed. Appealing to your support network is shown to decrease your stress levels.

6. Find the right strategy

Make a plan before approaching the tasks that stress you. If you consider that will take a lot of time, break everything into smaller and manageable parts.

7. Reward yourself

Motivate yourself by establishing small rewards (a coffee break, a small walk or a cookie) after completing a task that you postponed.

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Using these techniques for stress management will improve your mental and psychological health.

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