There Is A New Generation Of Strong Women Over 40 Who Is Changing The World

There is an increasing number of women who do not feel like they belong to the group of middle-aged women. Their ID might say they do, but their lifestyle is very different.

This group of women is indeed over 40, but they are not interested only in housework, they do not wear elastic wastes and couldn’t care less about their lawns. From Julianne Moore to J.K Rowling, these women dress, feel and think younger than their mothers did.

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In other words, they are not living the lives the stereotypes about them say they should.

They are rewriting the rules about what a woman should do with her time, body and energy.
These women do not let age define them. They choose to let their creativity, engagement with the world, influence, and compassion define them.

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Rather than middle-aged, there’s a better name for them: perennials. They are relevant people of all ages whose close relationships with younger people keep them in touch with technology, fashion and ideological trends. They are active, passionate and courageous and therefore more confident. And because of that, they have better relationships with their children.

And last, but not least, there are studies that show that because of this mindset, they do indeed age slower. Their body is keeping up with their mind.

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So, you, all the young-minded women out there, don’t feel compelled to act your age! You have all the reasons in the world to not confine yourself to a stereotype.

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