4 Mental Habits To Adopt If You Want To Live To Be 100

To have a long and happy life you need not only a healthy body, but also a healthy mind. And a healthy mind is constructed the same why we build a healthy body: by taking care of what kind of habits we adopt. Here are 4 mental habits of people who lived to be 100.

1. Every age is to be celebrated

If you constantly think that your best years are behind you, they will probably be. Celebrating every phase of life, putting an emphasis on what you learn with the years and on the fact that you are never too old to learn something new will change your mind set and therefore your life.

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2. Believe in your dreams

Imagine how boring sleep would be without dreams. It would be like 1/3 of your life is going to waste. In the same way, if in your waking life you don’t believe that your dreams can be achieved, if you consider them to be a young man’s game and nothing to do with your adult self, than you won’t feel challenged. There will be nothing to make you move forward with confidence and passion.

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3. Learn something new

Curiosity didn’t kill the cat. Boredom did. If you challenge your brain with new stimuli every chance you get, if you are willing to learn and improve yourself, if you don’t judge the younger people in your life, but learn from them, your mind will stay healthy and receptive.

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4. Try to stay positive

Most of the time the glass is indeed half empty. You don’t have to lie to yourself about that. But you can make an effort to see the good in you and in others, to be grateful for what you have and hopeful about what you want to achieve. The constant give and take is a part of life and embracing this idea is embracing life. Please, share this!