If He Says These 10 Things, Your Guy Is A Total Keeper

Words do matter, even if actions weigh more. Then there’s also the tone of the voice, the context in which they say something. If they’re always well-intended and try to lift your spirits instead of putting you down, then they’re worth it. They are worth all your love.

What he tells you and how he does it can say a lot about who he is. You better hold on to him if he utters these 10 things.

1. “What do you think?”

This clearly says he take your opinion into consideration. Of course, it’s not enough to ask you this and then still act as if he’s alone in the relationship. But the simple matter that he asks for your take on something speaks volumes.

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2. “I’m here for you. Always.”

He would have to prove this as well, yes. But merely hearing these words when you are going through something could instantly make you feel like the most cared for person in the universe.

3. “You’ve got this!”

This shows how much confidence they have in you and your abilities to handle a situation. If you’re struggling with a project or a deadline, you will be able to deliver better knowing you have him on your side. Knowing that there’s someone out there who truly believes in you. It makes a lot of difference.

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4. “I love your smile.”

Usually, a smile is the surest gateway to someone’s heart. If you offer him your kind and genuine smile, he will be head over heels (unless he already is). And when he makes a compliment like this, there’s nothing better you can do but smile more.

5. “I support you.”

When he says this and means it, you know you have found something special in your life.

6. “I’m sorry.”

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It takes a strong confident man to admit he’s made a mistake. If he has no trouble with saying he’s sorry, even for the smallest issue, then you should keep him forever. This is a sign he is aware of his flaws and has accepted them.

7. “You look hot!”

Even though he clearly thinks it, saying it every once in a while could boost your confidence. But it could also contribute to a more fulfilling sexual life.

8. “You’re funny!”

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This is how he shows he appreciates your good sense of humor. If you hear this from him, then you’re lucky indeed.

9. “I trust you.”

Trust doesn’t come easily. If he looks you in the eyes and confesses his genuine trust in you, you might as well call him your soulmate. Because a bond this strong only exists between two people who really love each other.

10. “I understand.”

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When he utters this from the heart, you realize you’ve truly found your one and only. This shows that he understands your feelings, your concerns and that he’s accepted your shortcomings.

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