Save Your Love For Someone Who Deserves It

We have all gave our everything to someone who did not appreciate our love and our efforts. If you can’t remember how many times you’ve been taken for granted, then it’s time to change all that.

When things like this happens to us, it can affect our self-esteem a lot. We tend to blame ourselves thinking there must be something wrong with us. The truth is this kind of situation only reflects how the other person is, and how they treat other people.

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Know you are lovable. And you deserve as much love as you can give. Don’t be quick to close your heart just because someone stomped on it. This will prevent the right person to come along.

Make sure you save the enormous capacity of love you have for a person who will cherish it and won’t walk away. Save your romantic plans for someone who will reciprocate them. Save your calls and texts for a person who won’t keep you waiting. No one is that busy as to not be able to reply, especially if they’re the love of your life.

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Save your time and energy for someone who will invest these in the relationship just as much as you. There’s no point in remaining with a partner who is not involved or who puts more energy into his own plans rather than the couple’s.

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Save your promises for someone who can keep them. It’s not true what they say: that promises are made to be broken. If they’re genuine and show respect, they will make sure they respect the promises they make as well.

Save you trust for someone you can rely on. Trustworthy people are really hard to find these days. That doesn’t mean you won’t be able to create a space of trust and safety with a future partner.

Save the best of you for someone who will understand. Save your words for someone who listens and is there for you. Save your potential for someone who has just as much love in their heart.

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