7 Signs He Is The One You Should Marry

Your friends and family keep asking you when you are going to make that giant step in your life. They all know you’re in a very happy relationship with someone you truly love. You are committed and passionate and see yourself with them for a long time.

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You feel that something is right, and yet you can’t exactly tell he is really what you’ll be looking for 10 or 20 years from now. Here are some tell-tale signs, backed up by research and relationship experts:

1. He encourages you to spend time with your girlfriends

This means he is able to give you the freedom you need. So whenever you want a girls’ night out, he’ll be down with it.

2. He knows your dreams and goals

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Your most ardent aspirations are no secret to him.  And he’s almost just as committed to them as you are because eventually, you share the same world views and beliefs.

3. He gets along with your family

This is sometimes very important. You don’t want to tie the knot with someone who will argue with your mom over every dinner you’ll have.

4. He never cheats on or lies to you

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He must feel very strongly about fidelity and to have a radical honesty policy. Both of these things will benefit your relationship overall and long-term.

5. He feels he’s become a better man because of you

If he reminds you how much of an inspiration you’ve been for him ever since you met, then you know he’s a keeper.

6. He’s not afraid to show his emotions

This really matters. Because if he tends to avoid to talk about his feelings, or worse, repress them, then you won’t be able to communicate as openly. A vulnerable man is one you’ll want to have in your life.

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7. You feel deep down that he is your one and only

Nothing ever felt more right so hold on to him! Please share this!