Being A Beach Or A Mountains Person Reveals This Personality Trait (According To Recent Study)

Last time you were on vacation, did you lose yourself in the fresh air and the green of the forests in the mountains? Or did you enjoy the warm pleasant sun and the sound of the crashing waves?

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It looks like where you spend most of your holidays says a lot about who you are. Studies in the field tell us that choosing a location based on your preferred environment reveals a significant personality trait.

Of course, there are other factors to consider when we choose our next place to recharge our batteries. But it has a lot to do with our characters as well.

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Research shows that introverted people are more drawn to the peacefulness and quiet of the mountains. For them, it’s a place to be thoughtful and introspective and perhaps even meditate. People who chose this environment are more likely to prefer solitude and go with reading a book over attending a wild party.

On the other hand, people who choose the seaside are usually more outgoing. They love being around other people and they’re usually the life of the party. They may also be people who just love water or are crazy about swimming.

But if they prefer going to the beach on their summer vacation, then they’re really comfortable with crowds and like the big city life, where something happens all the time. That’s simply because beaches are all about the fun, noise, but also interacting with people. So this is a great pick for those who love to socialize or make new friends.

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All in all, people who prefer seclusion would rather choose the mountains, whereas those who love to interact with others would go to the beach. So it’s a matter of being an extrovert or an introvert.

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