The Voice Inside Your Head Saying You’re Not Good Enough Is Not Right

We’ve all heard it at one point or another. It’s the whisper or the loud obnoxious noise that keeps us from doing the things we want to do.

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We’ve had moments in our lives when all we heard was that we can’t do it. We can’t achieve our childhood dream, we can’t find the right one for us, we can’t be acknowledged at our true value. In other words, we can’t overcome that mountain because it’s too high for us. So we shouldn’t even bother embarking on such a tedious journey. Right?

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But guess what? That awful voice is not real. They’re telling the biggest lie of your life the moment they prevent you from living to your fullest potential. So whenever you hear this tricky and repetitive voice and gets so loud you feel you can’t breathe, you look beyond it. Because beyond it, there’s another world waiting for you. There’s the strength you need to overcome your fears and achieve whatever you put your mind to.

Beyond that horrible noise in the background, there’s the truth. There’s a gentle voice carrying you towards all the possibilities of life. And that kind voice will tell you, if you let it, that you are good enough.

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You’ve always been. And you are worthy of all the wonderful people and experiences you crave for. You are worthy of that person who will always be by your side. And you are definitely worthy of building a life that fulfills you.

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