People Find This Quality Vital In A Partner, Recent Study Finds

No, it’s not looks. Although many of us wished they were married to Prince (or Princess) Charming, that’s not what we usually go for when it comes to long-term commitments.

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New genetic research finds that there is one essential trait we look for in our lifetime partners, beyond the physical aspect. The results showed that we’re in fact more likely to choose people based on how intelligent they are. Or rather, we settle with those who have the same level of intelligence as ours.

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And since intelligence is related to our genes, this means we are generally attracted to those with similar genetic makeup.

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The study clearly states that humans don’t pick their romantic or sexual partners randomly. Here’s what the authors of the study have to say about this experiment:

“In search for a suitable mate, among the highest-ranking qualities people look for in a potential partner are intelligence and educational attainment.”

And if you look at a random couple you know, you will realize that there is indeed a resemblance between them in terms of education and yes, IQ.

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One of the main concerns regarding the results of the study is that this may lead to greater social inequality. In other words, if people of the same intelligence, education or social status continue to marry each other, then the genes for intelligence will be concentrated in a small group.

What do you think about this study? Do you agree?

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