4 Reasons Why Highly Intelligent People Are Often Unhappy

Intelligence and happiness rarely go together. Here are 4 reasons why.

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1. They aim too high

Because of their vivid imagination, smart people tend to feel trapped in this world. They want bigger, deeper things. They need meaning in their lives and if they cannot find it, they become restless and melancholic.

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2. They are overthinkers

Because they are always ruminating, replaying past event in their mind over and over and over again, they have a hard time enjoying the present moment. They analyze everything to death, which can make them see the negative aspect of every situation.

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3. They often feel misunderstood

Many studies have shown that highly intelligent lack social skills and that they are more prone to anxiety. Because they foresee every possible consequence of their actions, every negative event that might arise, they become suspicious of the situations that are beyond their comfort zone. And large gatherings of people are the kind of situations that can make them panic and withdraw in their inner world.

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4. They are their worst critic

Highly intelligent people don’t over-analyze only the world around them, but also their own behavior. They are extremely aware of every move they make, every word they say. The perfection they seek regarding their own behavior can paralyze them. That’s why it’s not easy for them to relax and just go with the flow of the conversation.

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