6 Struggles Of Being A Deep Thinker In The Modern World

Being a deep thinker in this day and age can be a gift just as much as a curse. Deep thinkers are often more aware of how things are in the world which makes it particularly challenging for them.

Here are 6 struggles only deep thinkers can relate to:

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1. They have no interest in mainstream culture or popular activities

That’s because a deep thinker cannot resonate with the interests of the majority. These people often have higher standards and a strong sense of ethics. This also means they are appalled by trifles and small talk. Their interest in the mundane is so low because they can’t stand wasting their time with things that don’t matter to them.

A deep thinker would much rather spend their time reading and trying to understand how our universe functions.

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2. They experience feelings of detachment

This ties in with the first aspect that characterizes a deep thinker. These people see the world for what it is. Consequently, they choose to detach themselves from it. If you often feel like you don’t belong here and even wonder if you actually come from another planet, then you are a deep thinker.

In a world ravaged by greed, hatred, materialism and indifference, they would much rather cut themselves off from all the madness that surrounds them.

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3. People think they are weird or arrogant

They are often mistaken for being weird, snobby, arrogant or absent-minded. This may be because they would give themselves to their own thoughts and appear as if they have no interest in the outside world. Introverted as they are, they do value quiet time as well as the world they built within. But far from being arrogant, deep thinkers are just not into petty talk or activities.

4. They are profoundly frustrated with modern society

The shallowness of the world disgusts them. They can’t help it but be pessimistic about the course of events on the global scale. This is because a deep thinker can see things from the outsider’s perspective, that is more clearly. These true individuals realize that humanity is gradually turning away from true values and what is meaningful. And they can feel how hard it is to form deep connections and trust other people.

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5. They find it challenging to solve practical matters

They are extremely intelligent people and often wonder about the great questions that has troubled us humans for a very long time now. A deep thinker will always have philosophical, psychological or even spiritual inclinations. For this reason, they usually find it very difficult to deal with the practicalities that our times demand it.

They can easily delve into the mysteries of the universe, but when it comes to paying the bills or fixing something around the house, they feel helpless.

6. They have long periods of introspection and sadness

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Sometimes, deep thinkers can experience feelings of sadness or melancholy without any particular cause. It may be that on some days they just feel the weight of the world’s troubling events on their shoulders. Or they may pass from introspection to rumination and dwell on the negative aspect of a certain situation.

Reflection on existential matters on a day to day basis surely has an impact over these people’s overall mood. Chances are a deep thinker will often experience stress and anxiety on a higher level than the rest.

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