9 Things You Can Do When You Feel Broken Inside

When you feel down, really down, you think nothing will change and you’ll feel this way forever. But you can take your life back. Here are 9 changes you can make.

1. Exercise

Regular physical activity will not only make your body healthier and slimmer, but it will also elevate your mood. Go for a run or a yoga session and your mind will become clearer and calmer.

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2. Go on a trip

Visiting a place you’ve never visited before, exploring a new environment and new culture will enrich you and give you a sense of how many adventures you haven’t lived yet.

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3. Meet new people

When you befriend someone new, a whole new world opens up. Meeting new people is like traveling, but instead of discovering landscapes, you discover new opinions, worldviews and personal philosophies.

4. Be honest with yourself

Putting some thought into what went wrong, what choices you’ve made that got you in this state will help knowing yourself better and avoiding the same mistakes in the future. But beware of dwelling on the past too much!

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5. Manage your negative emotions

It’s true that it’s easier said than done, but not dwelling on your negative emotions is essential to get over your crisis situation.

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6. Talk to your friends

There’s nothing like talking to those who really care about you, especially if they went through the same thing at some point.

7. Declutter your home

Consider throwing away things that you don’t need any more as a symbol of leaving behind everything that burdens you.

8. Learn something new

Painting, planting a garden, starting a jewelry line or just going to the gym more often are the kind of things you can do to keep your mind busy.

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9. Forgive yourself

Whatever mistakes you’ve made in the past, whatever responsibility you have concerning your present state of mind, forgive yourself!

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