7 Habits That Will Boost Your Intelligence

For a long time, intelligence was thought to be a given: you either have it or not. But lately, studies have shown that mental performance can be increased or decreased, depending on our habits. Here are 7 habits that can boost your intelligence.

1. Learn to play an instrument

Because it involves mental and physical coordination, playing an instrument is an exceptional workout for your brain. And no, there’s no age limit to it.

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2. Learn to speak a foreign language

Research shows that people who are bilingual are better at solving puzzles and meeting demanding tasks.

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3. Adopt an exercising routine

Exercising is not only good for the body, it is also good for the mind. But if you find more complex forms of physical activities challenging, the good news is that walking can do the trick. Studies have shown that walking improves memory, which in turn helps solving difficult problems.

4. Read regularly

The most obvious way to increase your mental activity is to read complex works. The struggle to understand what is being said generates new neurons, increases neuronal connections, and speeds up mental processing.

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5. Play games

Playing games that involve strategic thinking, solving problems and finding solutions can improve your intelligence significantly. Not to mention the fact that they’re fun.

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6. Cook your own meals

Because it involves attention to details combined with creativity, cooking is good for your mind. Also, you can control what you eat and you can have a healthier diet, which also helps keeping the brain healthy.

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7. Get enough sleep

Regularly not getting enough sleep undermines the long-term health and function of your brain. It can also do some serious damage to your IQ.

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