6 Incredible Health Benefits of Playing a Musical Instrument

There are lots of studies that show just how amazing playing a musical instrument is for our mind and body. We already know that listening to our favorite music can relax us, but what about playing a few chords on your guitar? What does this do to our brains? If you have an instrument at home, go grab it now because it can help you in so many ways. Here are 6 incredible health benefits of playing a musical instrument:

1. Keeps Your Mind Sharp

Playing your favorite instrument is an excellent exercise for your mind, almost better than no other! Doing it regularly could even prevent you from developing dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

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2. Boosts Mood

Research shows that music can definitely lower your stress levels. Playing your favorite tunes on a piano or a cello will instantly put you in a great mood and make you forget about all your problems. So when you’re feeling down and want to take a break from everything, give music a chance.

3. Improves Concentration

Playing music requires paying attention to many elements at once such as beat, rhythm and so on. This is why you will be able to concentrate better and faster if you do this regularly.

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4. Creates a Sense of Achievement

Learning how to play music can be a very rewarding activity, especially when you get those notes right! Your self-esteem and sense of worth will increase big time when you realize you have developed and mastered a new skill!

5. Boosts Your Listening Skills

Your listening skills will become so sharp that you’ll be able to appreciate music even more! Playing an instrument practically forces you to listen carefully to many things at once. Musicians already know what an incredible experience that is.

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6. Helps with Creativity and Self-Expression

You can also use playing music as an emotional outlet. Strumming your guitar or touching the piano keyboard helps you release the negative energy and create something fresh. Remember you can play all you want! Maybe you’ll even come up with a great new tune!

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