7 Psychological Answers to Everything

Scientists tell us there are some psychological tricks that you can use for a better and simpler life. Sometimes, psychology just seems to be the answer to everything! Or at least to most problems we confront with. If you’re looking for awesome solutions to your issues, read this! Here are 7 psychological answers to everything!

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1. One of the hardest tasks for the human mind is to convince yourself that you no longer care.

How many times before did you try to convince yourself that you didn’t give a damn anymore? Well, we get it. Many of us were in the position they wanted to just care less or at all so as to avoid suffering. We may have even tried to say it out loud but with no success. That’s because it’s really difficult to trick ourselves into not caring when, in fact, we do.

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2. You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Choose your friends wisely!

In a way, you are who you are also surrounded with. Be aware of the people you share your energy with. When you have positive joyous friends, you will benefit from that energy yourself. If some people around you let you down over and over, know that you deserve better.

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3. It only takes one negative thought to ruin your mood.

Been there, done that. It’s a drag, but it’s true. One single negative thought about the future or the past can doom our entire mood.

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