7 Signs You Have An Incredibly Strong Personality

We, humans, are complex beings with such a wide array of personalities. And there’s no reason why we should place one type of personality above the other because our uniqueness stands in our individuality. However, history is full of people who have been outstanding leaders and who managed to overcome crises with calm and grace.

These people, such as Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, or Nelson Mandela changed the course of our history by being who they were. They believed in a better world and so inspired us all to try to create the world we want for ourselves and our kids.

We all face challenges and suffering and how we overcome them speaks volumes on the kind of personality we have. No matter the obstacles, these strong people have forged ahead and encouraged others to follow them.

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Do you have a strong personality? Here are 7 traits people with this type of personality have:

1. You have no tolerance for ignorance

Two of the things you despise the most are ignorance and bigotry. People with strong personality and integrity will choose knowledge and prefer to be informed, not merely entertained. They really don’t have time to invest in things that don’t matter to them.

2. You don’t need attention

This is because you are confident enough to not feel the need for adoration or to be in the spotlight. Oftentimes, the quiet, solitary people are the strongest and know their self-worth.

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3. You choose to not live your life in fear

This is essential. It’s not that strong people don’t have fears, they’re just as human as everyone else. But they are brave enough to put them aside so they can achieve their full potential.

4. You are a very good listener

This shows you have empathy and you are capable of putting other people’s feelings and needs above your own. That’s a sign you are indeed a rare individual.

5. You don’t make up excuses

When you want to accomplish something, you don’t allow yourself any excuses. You are incredibly focused on the task at hand, but always with the larger picture in mind.

6. For you, problems are just opportunities

You choose to focus on the beauty of the rose, instead of its thorns. You see opportunities for growth in your failures and that makes you special.

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7. You don’t need people’s approval

You are genuine and you don’t care about what others think as long as you are sure on your path to success.

How many of these traits do you have? Keep being strong, the world needs people like you!

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