7 Signs That Your Romantic Partner Is Also Your Best Friend

If your lover and your best friend are one and the same person, you are indeed a very lucky person. Here 7 signs that your romantic partner is also your best friend.

1. There’s nothing you cannot tell each other

From what your day was like to your deepest fears and most outrageous dreams, you tell each other everything.

2. There’s constant banter between you two

You love to make your partner laugh and to tease each other. But your jokes are never malicious.

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3. You constantly learn from each other

Each of you has his own strengths and skills, so you enjoy learning something new from each other or together.

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4. You accept the other’s flaws

You realize that your partner has flaws, but you accept them, since you love every trait they have, even the less flattering ones.

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5. You seek your partner’s advice

Since there’s nobody in the world that knows you better than your partner, you seek their advice whenever you face a difficult situation.

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6. You understand each other without words

Sometimes, all you need to do in order to know how your partner is feeling or thinking is looking into their eyes.

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7. There’s nobody else you would rather take a trip with

Taking a trip together might be an ordeal for other couples, but not for you. There’s no saying what can happen when you two take a trip, since your adventurous spirit is awaken in the presence of the other.

This kind of relationship is very rare, so cherish it! Please, share this!