8 Hilariously Awkward Things We All Do!

Some things are just plain uncool, no matter how we do it. There are so many awkward but funny experiences we share in common that it just makes us think we’re more alike as humans than different. So raise your hand if you’ve had any weird moments in your life when you just felt awkward or not cool. Well, if it happened to you too, then stick around to laugh with us! Here are 8 hilariously awkward things we all do.

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1. Running to catch a bus when you are wearing a backpack

Soo not cool. But we’ve all been there, more or less, backpack or not. We know public transport can sometimes seem unfair. But hey, it feels great when we catch the bus or the train.

2. Plugging your laptop into a plug under the table

That is hilarious. There’s no way someone can crawl under a table while plugging in their computer and look cool and sexy at the same time. Right? Or maybe you just have your own way of doing it. (Share with us if you do).

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3. Waiting for your dog to poop

Dog owners and lovers, you know what we’re talking about. This is just another mundane activity that pet owners are more than familiar with. Cool, not cool? As long as your dog is happy, does it matter?

4. Chasing pieces of paper flying away in the wind

This is really fun to watch actually. Never underestimate the power of a piece of paper or wrapper or something flying away on the pavement because of the wind.

5. Throwing things with your left hand (if you’re right-handed)

This may turn ugly if you’re really bad at throwing things. Better use your dominant hand. Or just refrain from throwing stuff. Really, you might hurt someone.

6. Holding back a sneeze

Oh, we’ve all been there. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we fail. So what?

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7. Walking into a spiderweb

This can seem awkward and scary too, depending on how much you love spiders.

8. Smiling when entering a room full of strangers

You can’t do this and look totally cool, no matter how much of an extrovert or sociable you are.

There you have it! What did you make of these hilarious things? What are some of your weird and funny experiences?